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Thanks for visiting! We have paused for a bit while we revamp our store. We've always want to bring Plant-Based Supplements that are not readily available to Canadians. While we work with niche partners from around our beautiful earth, feel free to leave your email in the box and we will be sure to reach out to you once they are available. Vivo Life: We know you love Vivo Life and how we made it available to Canadians, however they temporarily stopped shipping to Canada. We are working with Vivo Life to get it back. While Vivo Life is one of the brands that we are excited about, we are also working with multiple other plant-based companies that value sustainability, so thank you for your patience while get err done! Leave your email in box below for find out about when we are up and running. Thank you - Your Simplie Vegan Team

Thanks for visiting us!

We have closed for the moment while we restructure Simplie Vegan.

If you have any questions or concerns, or wishing to enquire about discounted bulk left over inventory, please contact us via email at

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